What is an MQL and why are they important?

It’s a question we are getting asked more and more by clients and prospective clients.  Is it just the latest jargon? Is it important? Can we ignore? Well, this piece of ‘jargon’ is actually extremely valuable, especially in professional services. So, let start with the what it is. An ‘MQL’ is an acronym for a […]

It’s Christmas!

Welcome to our December update. This year really has flown by, hasn’t it? I have just literally sent out our last proposal for 2017 – keep your fingers crossed for us – an exciting SEO project if we can win it. So, after sending this update it’s time to settle back with a nice mulled cider […]

It’s Ad Season!

Welcome to our November update. Have you seen this year’s John Lewis advert? I love this time of year when the Christmas adverts come out. As a marketer, I always enjoy seeing how retailers try to ‘out-do’ each other and which advert drops into the ‘memorable’ bucket.