5 minutes with… Louise Harvey, Marketing Director, LaunchPad

This month I’m delighted to be speaking to Louise Harvey, recently appointed Marketing Director of our client LaunchPad, a company whose recruitment automation and video interviewing platform helps organisations future-proof their recruitment strategies and transforms the candidate experience.

Here’s my 5 minutes with…

What is your marketing background?

I studied Marketing and Tourism Management when I was at University. I got to spend a placement year in the marketing department at Legoland, which I loved and reinforced to me that I wanted a career in marketing.

My first role after studying was with an e-Sourcing company looking after their marketing. From there I moved into roles within the HR and Professional Services industry. Each of my roles have allowed me to be involved in different aspects of marketing including events, website redesigns and integrated global and local campaigns. I’ve also experienced my fair-share of acquisitions so have been involved in a number of rebrands.

Finally, I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing colleagues – some of who I never got to meet in person due to the global reach of some of my past employers!

What does your role at LaunchPad involve?

I look after all aspects of marketing including brand positioning, communications and strategy. It’s an exciting time for LaunchPad as we are working on a new website and a new integrated marketing campaign that will highlight research findings that were carried out this year.

When you look back at your career to date, what has been the best campaign you have delivered and why?

I think it would have to be a campaign titled, “Talking about their Generation” in 2015. This was the first campaign that Talent Q and Hay Group (now Korn Ferry) delivered after its acquisition. There were a lot of expectations for the campaign as it needed to showcase the expertise of both brands within the graduate recruitment market. It also needed to tell a compelling story globally.

The idea of the thought leadership piece we produced was to dispel myths that employers had about graduates not being work ready. The campaign was supported by research from Hay Group and Talent Q psychometrics.

It was an exciting campaign to implement as we were responsible for creating a global campaign but at the time myself and a colleague (Kylie McIntyre) were also responsible for UK marketing at Talent Q. So, as any global marketing team will know, it can be challenging having to “wear two hats” when implementing a campaign.

We had set out our campaign objectives from the start and it went really well. One of the products we were trying to showcase was new to the market so it was great to see the leads come in. From a PR perspective, we received some great coverage including in The Evening Standard and Forbes. I still see the campaign being utilised so it’s good to see it has stood the test of time.

How do you measure the impact of your campaigns?

Each campaign is different and will have its own KPIs but generally I will measure the quality of leads and their impact on sales pipeline. That’s what businesses are more focused on these days and these metrics can really demonstrate the powerful impact marketing can have.

If you were told you could only report on 3 key metrics, what would they be?

  • Marketing impact on pipeline – as I mention above marketing really needs to be making an impact on pipeline to demonstrate its effectiveness.
  • Channel specific traffic – understanding how our audience has reached our website, how they interact with our website and content is really interesting data.
  • LinkedIn followers – I think Zoe Bull (in a previous South Thames Marketing interview) listed this metric too and I would agree. When you have to be more creative in marketing, you want to know that your social media strategy is working and adding value.

The marketing function at LaunchPad has a close relationship with sales; what advice could you offer marketing functions that are struggling to get that close relationship?

As LaunchPad has grown, their marketing approach has changed towards a more ABM approach, which means the relationship with sales has to be strong. For me it is to ensure that marketing and sales are in constant communication. At LaunchPad we have a weekly call where we can update each other on all our activities. The key to this call is that it is a discussion and what is especially important from a marketing perspective is that sales share with us what they are hearing from their sales conversations. This can help us shape content marketing and maintain relevancy.

Digital marketing has evolved massively in the past few years, what have been the most significant evolutions for you?

GDPR! I remember seeing research from Marketo that showed 83% of customers think businesses will find a way to get around GDPR. So, businesses need to earn trust to remove that disconnect.

As marketing teams, we have to work harder to earn attention, which in turn means we need to become more creative. Interestingly in the research that Marketo did, they also say 60% of consumers are more likely to share information if they think it will result in tailored content. This reinforces that content is still very much king!

As we approach 2020, what are some of the emerging marketing trends that you are seeing?

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality – I think all marketing departments wish they had the budget for VR and AR. One of my favourite examples of this is its use by Ikea – they have an app that allows users to visualize what a piece of furniture would look like in your home before you decide to purchase.
  • Video Content – of course I would say this especially as video is a key part of LaunchPad! But we know video content is working, it is evident from social media as it receives more interaction than traditional content. So, for me, I think this will just continue to evolve and become a key part of all marketing campaigns. It is now increasingly being used as part of personalising sales collateral.