We’re able to do that because we have over 75 years of combined experience working inside and outside of companies in professional services. We are a specialist professional services marketing agency. It’s all we do, day in, day out. We know what keeps leaders in those firms awake at night, and we know how to solve their problems. We know from experience that the best firms in this sector thrive by hiring knowledgeable, passionate experts like us.

In helping our clients, we focus on four key things; magic, logic, thinking and doing.

In helping our clients, we focus on four key things; magic, logic, thinking and doing.  For us, logic and doing are the hygiene factors that any client should expect and not worry about when working with us. We take that worry away. It’s the magic and the thinking that we deliver that helps grow our clients’ businesses.

Before we embark on any new relationship, we encourage our clients to do our half-day workshop to identify where the key messages and ideas will come from to help us develop your growth plans. In our experience, those ideas always come from one of the following areas of a client’s business; your products or services, what you know about your customers, your company’s overall ambition and its culture. In our moderated workshop, we aim to identify areas that we all agree can form the backbone of any marketing and communications strategy moving forward. We believe that this is a critical exercise in establishing ideas that will be relevant, distinctive and engaging.

Day to day, we then work with clients in five key areas.


We believe that applying logic to strategy starts with the present and asking, ‘Where are we?’ ‘Where do we want to go?’ and then ‘How will we get there?’ Applying magic to strategy starts with the vision and asking, ‘Where do we want to go?’ first.

Brand Identity

For us, interrogating a client’s business to discover what makes it unique and differentiated is the branding logic. Turning that information into an enduring idea that makes people sit up, smile and take action is the magic.

Digital Transformation

Website Development, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Pay Per Click, SEO, Social Media Management, Content Curation. These things are the logic of digital, and we have the expertise to deliver them all.

Research and Discovery, Buyer Personas Definition, Campaign Development and Content Marketing Strategy. In our experience, they are the real magic of digital that can turbocharge growth.

Customer Acquisition

In our view, logic acquires customers; magic keeps them. Acquiring two customers who spend five times a year is significantly more valuable than winning ten customers who spend once.

Your Outsourced Marketing Function

We understand the logic of why clients need more resource more often. We have years of experience in delivering outsourced marketing solutions for our clients. For us, the magic lies in having people who understand what it’s like to try and drive a professional services marketing strategy, which we do.

Finally, we will always promise to deliver four things when clients work with us. Expertise, honesty, hard work and a relentless focus on magic, logic, thinking and doing to help turbocharge growth.

South Thames Marketing: A specialist professional services agency helping professional services firms turbocharge their growth.


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