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Email Marketing: 10 Friendly Reminders

Most of us are regularly using email to directly reach our clients and prospective new clients. However, let’s be honest when a task becomes old hat we can sometimes fall into bad habits and forget the core strategies that can make our work effective. Email marketing is no different. And with the digital landscape changing at such a fast rate – we’ve compiled a list of 10 top ‘reminder’ tips for professional services firms to apply to every email campaign. 

One clear call to action – Don’t be tempted to fill your emails with numerous calls to action. Keep things simple – emails with one call to action can increase clicks by 371%. To ensure maximum ‘clickability’ keep your call to action between 2 – 4 words, place it as near to the top of your email as you can, and chose a high contract button colour from your palette.

Choose the right time – The optimum time to send emails will depend on your audience – analyse your historic email data to get some insights for your firm. Day of the week matters too – Tuesday is reportedly the best day by far. 

Keep things personal – Personalised emails have 6x higher conversion rates, so if you’re not already segmenting your audiences, then get to it. Sending fewer, more relevant emails that recommend services based on past behaviours can achieve much better results than mass mail outs. 

Power up – Your campaigns should inspire readers to take action, so include power words to encourage your subscribers to act. This cheat sheet lists the key power words that will encourage your subscribers to open your emails and follow through to conversations.

Keep things mobile friendly

Emails that don’t render properly on mobile devices may get deleted in under three seconds, and with 68% of emails being opened on a mobile device, designing your emails for mobile is no longer optional – it’s essential. The following mobile tips will ensure you are creating mobile-friendly campaigns.

Keep subject lines succinct – 47% of email recipients decide whether to open an email or not based on the subject line alone. Keep your subject line to the point, ensuring it is compelling and concise. If it’s too long it will get cut off, especially for mobile users. Aim for 17-24 characters to make sure you get your subscriber’s attention. 

Don’t ignore the pre-header text – Your pre-header offers you an opportunity to double the length of your subject line. Seize it! The teaser text can be the difference between readers opening and deleting the email. Give a little bit more information on the content of your campaign, or set your call to action. 

Keep the design simple – Keep to a simple, single column design that’s easily scrollable and keeps your call to action in direct sight. Avoid clutter and excess images to ensure your email loads quickly. Keep your font a good size to make skimming easier and to keep people from zooming in to make text readable. 

Space to click – Mobile screens can get crowded – make sure you are using a design that leaves plenty of space around your call to action to avoid recipients accidentally clicking the wrong link. Keep links to a minimum and ensure your design is streamlined and spacious.

Test, test, then test again – Regular testing and measuring will ensure you are always maximising performance. Find out what devices and email clients your subscribers are using and optimise to these formats. Testing your email messages will allow you to fix any problems that might occur across devices. 

Concise copy – When reading messages on mobile, succinctness is key. Keep sentences under 25 words and paragraphs under three sentences. Every word and sentence should serve a clear purpose. Bulleted lists and short paragraphs will help create scannable sections of content that readers can easily skim and then act on.  

Remember these simple tips and you’ll be well on your way to increasing those open and click through rates!