MAKING LINKEDIN WORK FOR YOU: Help your firm grow, engage and influence its LinkedIn community

With our wealth of experience in helping professional services firms boost their LinkedIn presence, we have put together this free guide to help you get far more from the platform and maximise the potential of your, and your firm’s profile.
In this guide, we share:

  • the value of LinkedIn and the importance of establishing a human touch in professional services marketing.
  • how you can build your LinkedIn community in just 15 minutes a day.
  • practical advice on how to maximise engagement and get the most out of your community.
  • insights from your buyers who share what they find most valuable, and what frustrates them about the ways they are being marketed to on LinkedIn.
  • our do’s and don’ts of promoting your professional services firm on the platform.

STANDING OUT IN A CROWDED MARKET: 5 ways to succeed in professional services marketing

How can you support your clients through such difficult times, so you’re the first firm they think of when things return to ‘normal’? What’s the right tone to strike in your communications? And how can you make sure your messages cut through the noise?

As a profession, we’ve never had a bigger opportunity to make an impact.

In the report, we share:

  • your current challenges, and the five areas of marketing focus we think would help you overcome them
  • practical tips and advice to help you stand out from your competitors
  • insights from your marketing peers at Adecco Group, Deloitte, EY and more
  • the 5 things your buyers want you to stop doing.

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