Award nominations and submissions

Create recognition for your team and organisation

Winning, or even being shortlisted for an award, is a great way to boost your professional profile and to create recognition for your team and organisation.

But we know that you’re busy continuing your amazing work and rarely does completing an award nomination for yourself or a colleague reach the top of the to-do list!

Although you recognise the value you know you just can’t create enough time to pull together the project information before the deadline!

At South Thames Marketing we offer an end-to-end service for completing your award nominations.

This means you’ll get your nominations submitted on time and written by a specialist content writer who knows the professional services world inside out – and who knows what the judging panel will be looking for.

Our award nomination and submission service includes:

  • Drafting your award nomination in line with the awarding body’s guidelines
  • Interviewing key stakeholders to gather testimonials
  • Confidentially reviewing key project documentation
  • Collating required documents for submission such as logos and photos
  • Uploading and submitting the award submission on your behalf
  • Re-purposing the award nomination as a case study or LinkedIn Pulse post to create wider visibility for your work