Client Retention

Keep hold of (and get more out of) your current clients

To grow sustainably, you need to keep the clients you already have. But every day, your competitors are trying to lure them away.

The experience you give your customers, at all times, is your best defence. A great customer experience breeds loyal customers. And loyal customers help do your marketing for you – both by staying with you and by recommending you to their friends and peers.

So how well do you look after your current clients? Are you going the extra mile? And how are you adding value to them through your marketing?

If you don’t have the answers, or don’t like the ones you hear, we can help.

We’ll do this by getting you to think differently about how to keep hold of your clients – so they have good reason to stick around.

Areas we can help include:

  • Carrying out research on your clients
  • Conducting client satisfaction surveys
  • Advising on account-based marketing
  • Organising and running client events
  • Providing public relations support
  • Creating content your clients value
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