Brand Identity

Develop a brand identity that brings your company to life

Think of your favourite coffee shop. What makes you buy your Americano there every morning, instead of at the one next door? And what springs to mind when you think of that brand?

We’re not mind-readers, but we’ll wager it’s not the logo, or the colour of the sofas. More likely, it’s the way the barista starts making your drink when he sees you coming. Or the fact that they always keep a pile of free newspapers at the till, so you can grab one on your way out.

In other words, it’s the experience you have there as a customer that most influences how you feel about the brand.

Your brand identity is this and more. It’s an expression of your beliefs, values and how you do business. It’s your customer promise. And it’s the thing that makes you different from your competitors – and makes people want to do business with you, not with them.

Whether you’re launching a new professional services company, going it alone as a consultant or looking to improve the way people see your organisation, we can help you develop a brand identity that puts you on the road to success.

Areas we can help include:

  • Developing your brand values
  • Developing your vision and value proposition
  • Developing your tone of voice
  • Creating your corporate identity (logo design, stationery, promotional materials)
  • Designing your sales materials
  • Designing and developing your website
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