Lead Forensics

Turn your unknown website visitors into hot leads

We’re pleased to be an official partner of Lead Forensics, a leading website visitor tracking tool that identifies the anonymous businesses visiting your website so you can turn them into sales ready leads.

Actionable leads at your fingertips

Access real-time intelligence that shows exactly who your website visitors are and what they are looking for. For the companies that are interested in your services Lead Forensics will tell you;

  • Business name
  • Location
  • Website address
  • Telephone number
  • Credit Score & Key Financial Information

Be empowered with the insight you need whist your prospects are in the market for your services.

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Keep your finger on the pulse

Lead Forensics provides you with your own customisable dashboard to give you instant access to all the website data you need to up your game and convert leads, faster. Make sure that you see the information that is vital for you in your role. Dig deeper and jump straight into the full reports to quickly access the specifics.

Prioritise your hottest leads and pitch smarter

Set your own bespoke criteria to prioritise and qualify your hottest leads based on the pages they viewed and the time they spent on your website. Then tailor your pitch to suit those prospects, without a lengthy qualification process. Use the visitor information to see what they searched for, how many times they visited and the pages they spent time on

Demonstrate the ‘Ripple Effect’ of your marketing

More than just click through rate. Build a fuller picture of the engagement driven by your marketing campaigns and generate management reports. Use the reports to benchmark the performance of your campaigns. Additional features like Data Manager will not only show you if your target audience have engaged with your website, but  also tell you if multiple decision makers have engaged – identifying the true ‘Ripple Effect’ from your activity, and help your teams to prioritise their targets.

Designed to work the way you work

  • Email notification set up to your own bespoke criteria, making sure you never miss an important lead. Desktop notification app and auto refresh function to see new leads arrive in real time.
  • Customisable setup to get straight to the information that matters to you.
  • View the full visit history including all pages views, historical visits from the same company and the number of unique visitors from that organisation.
  • Quick colour referencing to quickly identify your top opportunities and keep a track of your customer and competitor website activity.
  • An easy to use app that allows you to identify your hottest leads, schedule call backs and appointments, set notification reminders for all your activities, assign leads to your sales team, and more, while you’re on the go!
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