An affordable new approach to email marketing

Make intelligent marketing decisions a reality

As part of the comprehensive suite of services that South Thames Marketing offer we are pleased to be working in partnership with Wired Plus, an email marketing automation platform, to support small to medium-sized professional services firms achieve and maximise their digital marketing success.

Deliver your “right message” to the “right person” at the “right time”.

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Intelligent Email Marketing that works for you
Achieve the best ROI for your email marketing campaigns by sending campaigns to the right contact at the right time.

A central hub for all your customer data
Store your customer data in one place, giving you the insights you need to make intelligent decisions about how to treat customers at every stage of the sales pipeline. Don’t jump between separate platforms with this convenient all-in-one solution.

Target your contacts with the right message using Marketing Automation
Target customers according to their preferences and behaviours. Identify key moments in the sales pipeline and create automations to target the users’ intent.

Understand your Website visitors
Monitor how your website visitors behave with web tracking to capitalise on key behaviours and traits. Identify common website behaviours, trends and target repeat visitors accordingly.

Score your Leads
Handle your leads intelligently based on insights from your lead scoring system. Decide when your leads are ready to be passed to your sales team or consultants to improve sales pipeline efficiency.

Create the perfect Landing Page experience
Design landing pages which complement each of your marketing campaigns. Create responsive landing pages to develop microsites and to effectively build conversion funnels.

Learn from your Campaigns
Use the reporting tools to continually enhance your campaigns. Data gives you the evidence you need to make informed and intelligent decisions.

Survey your audience
Capture data and manage preferences to get to know your customers. Understand your most successful data sources and where you can improve in the future.


This powerful, affordable, GDPR-compliant marketing automation platform will give you all the tools you need for informed decision making and importantly, includes an open API for integration into your existing systems ensuring complete closed loop marketing.

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