For many years, professional services organisations grew on the strength of consultants’ relationships with clients and prospects. And while that’s still very important, gone are the days when it could be your only go-to-market approach.

To succeed in today’s hyper-competitive world, you need to be able to generate new, high-quality leads from cold.


By devising a cost-effective, clever go-to-market strategy that gives you a good return on your investment. A strategy that’s realistic, and brings together sales and marketing. And one you can roll out consistently over time.

But creating that strategy isn’t easy. It requires research. It requires analysis. And it requires challenge.  All of which takes time and patience; there are no short cuts.

The good news is that we specialise in strategy development.

We believe that applying logic to strategy starts with the present and asking, ‘Where are we?’ ‘Where do we want to go?’ and then ‘How will we get there?’ Applying magic to strategy starts with the vision and asking, ‘Where do we want to go?’ first.

Areas we can help include:

  • Auditing your current marketing activities
  • Carrying out stakeholder interviews
  • Analysing your market, competitors and customers
  • Testing a new product or service in your market
  • Segmenting your clients
  • Developing and refining your value propositions
  • Assessing the size of your market
  • Developing your go-to-market strategy

We have worked with South Thames Marketing since the beginning of 2017. They have understood our needs and have been excellent at supporting us with the development and delivery of our go to market plan in the UK. I think what stands South Thames Marketing apart is their expertise in professional services and the enthusiasm they bring to their work. It feel likes a true partnership and they are a trusted part of our team.

Sean Mills, Executive Director Ipsos LEAD – a division of Ipsos MORI



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