Why Email newsletters are more important than ever

Oh, the email newsletter. That ‘task’ which always falls to the bottom of your marketing priorities. And the email that many regard as ‘pointless’. In this blog I’m going to attempt to fight its corner! Long live the newsletter… In this exciting world of social media and email sequences and workflows offered through marketing automation […]

Email Marketing: 10 Friendly Reminders

Most of us are regularly using email to directly reach our clients and prospective new clients. However, let’s be honest when a task becomes old hat we can sometimes fall into bad habits and forget the core strategies that can make our work effective. Email marketing is no different. And with the digital landscape changing […]

List management – quality over quantity

Email use will top 3 billion users by 2020, yet successful email marketing isn’t just about the quantity of contacts you have stored in your database. Research continues to show that email marketing remains a powerful tool to be utilised in professional services marketing. And in this new era of GDPR, effective email list management […]

Email marketing is not dead

With GDPR taking over offices over the last few months, companies have had to make huge adjustments to marketing approaches. The legislation saw firms put in place fresh processes for obtaining new permissions, revisit privacy policies, rethink the way they contact new and existing customers, and completely overhaul how they manage data. All the changes […]