At South Thames Marketing we work with professional services firms of all sizes, and whilst we all hanker after a fully bespoke website design, sometimes what you need is an economical solution that will give your business a professional web presence within a quick turnaround.

So, we have used our extensive experience of designing and delivering websites to create a streamlined process that will allow us to work with independent consultants and smaller firms to develop a website that offers value for money.

How our process works:

We will ask you you a list of questions to enable us to get a full understanding of your requirements. These will be easy to answer questions about your objectives, your business logo and colour palette, as well as the platform to enable you to provide content.

We will then create a test site for your homepage and up to 10 sub-pages, showcasing your business. Don’t worry if you need more, just let us know and we can accommodate your needs for a small extra cost. We use pre-vetted templates that are customised to suit your business needs. This includes options for a blog, consultancy offerings, products, galleries, forms, events and more. We will use the information you provide to guide the direction of the design and implement the content. The site will utilise responsive design so it is mobile and tablet ready as well as Google friendly.

Once reviewed and you’re happy with the design and the content of your site we will assist you in making it live. If you already own a domain, great! If not we can help you in obtaining one that will resonate in the market. In addition, we will set up Google Analytics to track website traffic.

Of course, if you’re looking for a fully bespoke website design we are fully equipped to support you!




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